Out and about in Washington D.C.
It’s that time of year again! #aeadc
I don’t know about the meat selection, but any place that offers Leffe Blond get two thumbs up. (at Urban Butcher)
Walked the two mile trail down to the fossil beach at Calvert Cliffs this morning. (at Calvert Cliffs State Park)
Meeting people I’ve known online for years continues. Enjoyed a Belgium beer and talking about my “Euro Love Adventure” with @funkybrownchick. She thinks I should write a book. (at Urban Butcher)
I love when online friendships extend offline. I met the super fabulous @jessicaelenstar at 
#creativemorningsdc today. (at Gibson Guitar Showroom)
A small and weary group is protesting fracking at FERC all week. Homeland Security had three SUVs parked on the street. I feel safe indeed. (at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)
Inquisitive.  (at Red Line to Silver Spring)
When I was younger, I was under the impression that Black women shouldn’t wear red polish or lipstick. In 1990, we moved from Seattle to D.C., and I got to know my great-aunt Irma. She was light-skinned and wore her grey hair in an afro. She also wore the classic Chanel Red lipstick. The first time she put it on, I was immediately cured of any notion about what a Black woman, or any woman for that matter, should and shouldn’t do.
I moved less than a mile, but I’m truly in the heart of Silver Spring. In many ways, it reminds me of living in Haarlem (NL). I’m in walking distance of everything — including the nail salon.#treatyoself
Skip Rothko, Monet, and Singer Sargent. People of D.C. you must see this exhibition. It’s better than Degas Cassatt. Yes, really. (at National Gallery of Art)