Out and about in Washington D.C.
This is why we put filters on our lenses, sweeties.
The Sriracha wall at ShopHouse. (at ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen)
Our Monday morning scrum made a little bit brighter thanks to Krispy Kreme hats.  (at CQ Roll Call)
I need more time in this city. #latergram (at French Quarter Guest Houses)
at Reverend Zombie’s House of Voodoo
noo-AW-linz! (at Four Points French Quarter)
Texas, you really grew on me. See you in December. Thanks for the lovely parting gift this morning: a scorpion sting I’ll never forget. (at The Moss Residence)
Because giving the grandchild Power Wheels is what grandparents do. (at The Moss Residence)
at San Antonio River Walk, Texas