Out and about in Washington D.C.
I thought the Whole30 would be a good excuse to give #relayfoods a try. Order online, and pickup groceries at the end of the block? Yes, please! Lamb Meatballs with Apricot & Mint will be happening this week. (at Life on Ripley Street)
I’ve always said that I don’t like Salmon. I don’t think I ever had really good Salmon. Until today. Hat tip to @stacyfu for the recipe. It was fabu! #whole30 (at Life on Ripley Street)
Is this really October in D.C.? #nofilter (at Dupont Circle Metro Station)
I’m almost done reading It Starts With Food. This is the result of the “food with sugar” purge that took place, oh… around Chapter 5 at 11pm Friday night. You’d think as a vegetarian, you’ve got a leg on eating “healthy”. Every single soy textured protein product I had contained some form of sugar. Even my beloved Grey Poupon! This weekend I’ve been preparing my pantry and mind for the Whole30 I’ll start next Sunday. I’m going to stick to the program with the exception of red meat. I just can’t… Ew! A better relationship with food is the final piece to a happier and healthier me. I’ll let know how that turns out. (at Life on Ripley Street)
I used to watch dad shine his church shoes every Friday evening. It was a whole ritual that fascinated me. He taught me to apply polish and how to properly buff. Somewhere along the way, shining his shoes became my weekly chore. I didn’t mind at all. (at Union Station Shoe Shine)
Silver Spring is full of little gems. (at Kefa Cafe)
at Silver Spring Freshfarm Market
It’s “Talk Like a Pirate Day”. My building was giving out patches. Aaarr Matey! #Eleven55Ripley
On my way to meet up with @jessicaelenstar at the Sculpture Garden. #latergram  (at United States Navy Memorial)