Out and about in Washington D.C.
Sure, the Tidal Basin Cherry Blossoms are pretty. The Magnolia’s on my street, however. are spectacular. No crowds either. (at Discovery Creative and Tech Center)
at Red Line to Silver Spring
at Rhode Island Ave-Brentwood Metro Station
The sun is back in D.C.! (at NoMa-Gallaudet U Metro Station)
A wonderful exhibition about dance is on display at the National Portrait Gallery. (at National Portrait Gallery)
at National Portrait Gallery
To the man who bought my Venti Mocha this morning: You made my day. Thank you! (at Starbucks)
Because on Sunday, you should “Treat Yo Self”. (at Lilly Magilly’s)
At a presentation for macaw.co with the design team. (at AARP Headquarters)
It’s warm out. The sun is shining. Had dinner with my parents. I feel great! Happy Saturday, you guys!